Curious coco is a cute, adventurous independent, stylish quirky little company, set up with aim of bringing your own personal quirks and styles into a personalised and adaptable option for all your bad ass bridesmaid’s and awesome frocks to party in.

Check out all the colour and sparkles that are guaranteed to make your wedding party pop with rainbow goodness

In a world of wedding beige we want to splash the colour wherever we go!

Our aim is to be super bright and offer a real alternative to traditional bridesmaids options, as we know weddings these days can be so unique. Working on our collections is so much fun , we just love the bright coloured, tulles, sequins, and pow-tastic prints.

We offer a diverse collection of often mix and match items, so you girls who wanna have fun can do so and put your own stamp and style on the frocks. Pretty much everything is customizable even down to our cute appliqued motifs on our garments and belts....we can put our needles to lots of shapes and objects, so if it’s a seahorse in the stars or a skull looking unicorn, just ask we are the genies of the lamp!!!!

Curious-coco-Couture-company-iron-fist-alternative-bridesmaids-and-wedding-dresses-quirky-rainbow-bright-colours (10).jpg